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A selection of articles written by Dr Jeeva for various publications
download Get it right about RITALIN
download Anxiety & Depression in Adult ADHD
download ADHD Signs & Symptoms - Changes throughout the life cycle
download ADHD: It's not just for kids anymore
download Make Adult ADHD work for you
Understanding ADHD
Sign of the times
A single ADHD parent raising an ADHD child
Gene Disorder linked to ADHD
Living with ADHD is not child's play
Women with ADHD
Embrace being the odd one out
Did you know that Child ADHD could have additional illnesses with it like ?
It's not too late to treat ADHD
What's up with Ritalin ?
Are you addicted to sex ?
Addicted to love
ADHD & co morbid disorders
Women & Girls with ADHD
Diagnosing & Treating girls and women with ADHD
How does exercise improve ADHD symptoms
Bipolar Mood Disorder & Having a Baby
Executive functions
Nursing update 2 - An article on ADHD
Teen Suicide: Can you see it coming ?
download Prescription for disaster ?
download Reddy, Steady, Relax: Life & times of an ADHD Psychiatrist
download Beeld Newspaper - 'n Waaghals sonder vrees / Devon dikwels beseer voor kettie-dood
download Ritalin abuse runs riot in SA schools
download The Adult Face of ADHD - Bounce Magazine
ADHD self test
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