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About Dr Jeeva
Dr Jeeva
Dr Shabeer Ahmed Jeeva
Specialist Child & Adult Psychiatrist

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During 2010, Dr Jeeva presented an ADHD Workshop for Doctors  in Tzaneen. He has also been a regular presenter at ADHASA—The Attention Deficit Hyperactive Support Group of South Africa. In 2010 he spoke on Children & ADHD  at their annual conference in July. At an Adult Seminar in May he spoke about “Claiming your future”. In 2009 he was a key speaker at their Educators Conference. In 2009 he gave a presentation on  Anxiety and ADHD and a workshop on Psychosocial Treatment and ADHD at the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Conference, Bangalore (India). He also presented at the SASOP conference in 2004, 2006 and 2008

He has presented his infamous 90 minute talk,” ADHD through the Movies” at the NASA Annual Conference of the Neurology Association in 2007 and 2009, at the XIV World Congress of Psychiatry in Prague, Czechoslovakia and the Conference of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry in India 2009.  He was also invited to present at the International ADHD Conference in Vienna. Dr Jeeva not only specialises in ADHD, but is an ADHD patient, with an ADHD child.  He is a Specialist Psychiatrist, practicing from the Centre for Medical Excellence at Melrose Arch and the  Garden City Clinic in Johannesburg. He  was  born  in  South Africa  and  studied medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (1970  -1976).  Dr Jeeva, trained and practiced as a Child and Adult Psychiatrist for 25 Years in Canada. In  2005 he returned to South Africa, to continue practicing psychiatry. Dr Jeeva is an expert psychiatrist in ADHD (especially in Adults).

Professional Experience and Accreditations Include:
Psychiatry residency at the University of Ottawa
– Canada (1979-1983), Child Psychiatry Fellowship in the University of Ottawa (Canada),  Diploma in Psychiatry (University of Ottawa, Canada), Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Canada (1983). He was also co-ordinator of Regional Psychiatric Education in Canada.
Dr Jeeva is licensed to practice both in Canada and South Africa.
He is experienced in treating depression, panic attacks, anxiety, social phobia, bipolar and executive burnout syndrome. Having dedicated his life to ADHD, he travels extensively to present papers and/or keep up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Social Responsibility
As a psychiatrist, he feels it is his duty to share his knowledge with doctors, counselors, educators and parents. So in addition to treating patients, he
travels South Africa extensively giving informative and interactive presentations on ADHD at a variety of schools and conferences.
He is a regular guest on TV and radio, appearing on 3 Talk, House Call, Carte Blanche, 3rd Degree, Radio 702, Radio 2000, Lotus FM and Kaya FM.

Adult ADHD - Radio 2000
Bipolar Disorder - Lotus FM
ADHD - Lotus FM
ADHD is not just for Kids anymore -  Radio 702
ADHD & Addiction - Radio 2000
Adult ADHD - Radio 2000
Sex Addictions & Relationships - Kaya FM

Adult ADHD - Carte Blanche Medical
ADHD & Children - 3 Talk
Sex Addiction & ADHD - 3rd Degree
Poor academic Performance - House Call
ADHD - One on One with Dr Jeeva - House Call
Sunday Breakfast Talk - Radio 702

Adult ADHD - Carte Blanche Medical

Dr Jeeva is also a regular contributor to various professional magazines such as , Medical Chronicle, Serenity and Nursing Update. He has also had  articles printed in Living & Loving, Mail & Guardian amongst others.
Conferences  2010
22nd CHADD Conference, Atlanta
SASCH Conference
Child & Adult Psychopharmacology, Boston Conferences  2009
World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, India
Association for Social Psychiatry, India
2nd International Congress on ADHD, Vienna
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Boston
NASA Annual Conference of Neurology Association of SA

Conferences 2011

3rd International Congress on ADHD, Berlin, May
American Psychiatric Association, Hawaii, May
ECNP International Conference, Paris, September
23rd CHADD Conference, Orlando, November


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